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Founded in 1981, Wilson Forge is a small business dedicated to designing and producing fine, high quality hand forged ironwork. Commissioned architectural and functional ironwork is my primary focus. I also do restoration and reproduction of historical work. Much of the work featured on my website was designed for specific locations or clients. My designs embody my personal vision of wrought ironwork. Commissioned projects reflect the personal interests and needs of my clients and the place the work will reside. It is helpful to me as a designer to know who you are and what is special to you, as well as where the project will reside.

The design for a new commission evolves from conversations with the client and site visits. While each commission reflects my sensibilities as a designer/blacksmith, every project is created for its location and the individual client. Clients have the opportunity to work in partnership with a highly skilled craftsman and follow a project from inception to installation.

The commissioning process begins with meeting the clients and discussing their interests. When possible, this first meeting often takes place at the client’s home or business. It is also helpful to have clients visit my forge to see work in progress, prototypes and samples from previous jobs. This frequently leads to new thoughts and design ideas. The opportunity for clients to see and handle examples of my forged work has great value.

We also need to discuss the project schedule and budget. You tell me when you would like to have the work completed and what you would like to spend. When we decide to proceed with a project the design phase begins. Design time and additional site visits as necessary, and forging of prototypes if necessary, are billed on an hourly basis. When design proposals are completed, a fixed price for production of the work is made. A deposit for production is requested. Delivery and installation of the completed project is also billed at an hourly rate. Final payment for production and delivery or installation is due at the time of project completion.

I welcome inquiries on projects of any size. I appreciate your interest in my work!

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